Monday, April 02, 2012

Bus Kid

Bus Kid's life is on hold until he's 17, when he's going to get his car fitted with the biggest bass bins in the town, so everyone can hear him blasting out 1Xtra. (He'll turn it down when he listens to Fearne Cotton, though, but sometimes the Live Lounge amazing.) Right now he has to settle for the next best thing: the tiny tinny speakers on the Samsung Galaxy his mum got him so he can tell her when he's leaving afterschool club. He sits slumped in his seat, staring out of the window from beneath his hood, nodding to the beat. Sometimes, he'll rapalong to the mixtapes his brother tells him to download, but only when there are no bigger boys on the top deck. In his car there will be no bigger boys.

Spotter's Guide
public transport
Age: 14
Heroes: Tupac, Notorious BIG, Cher Lloyd
Villains: bus inspectors, the rest of the bus, headphones
Distinguishing marks: menacing acne
Most likely to: freestyle his English homework

Bus Kid is one of ten music tribes illustrated for Q magazine. Text by Rebecca Nicholson. Art direction by Daniel Knight / Salman Naqvi.

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Blogger AkA said...

Jonathan, loving this image, actually all your work is great!

Really capture the character of the people which ain't easy.
Spiffing stuff old bean! :)
Ant @ A.k.A

5:29 pm  

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