Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Earnest Pitchforker

By day, this librarian bohemian is both gentle and brutal, much like her death metal-themed cupcake business. She loves nothing more than a beautiful folk ballad, ideally one with harmonies gleaned from the natural call of a rare troop of Appalachian mountain lions, but is swift to gobble up blog posts on obscure new techno acts, simply so can she reject them with a swift, “over it”. Her default homescreen is Pitchfork – she sighs dismissively when anyone mentions it, because if there's one thing she's most over, it's Pitchfork, ever since they gave her beloved Gallant Panda Tent's last EP 4.7 – but still checks it 215 times a day. When she is not mulling over the big issues, such as whether Lana Del Rey's post-backlash backlash cancels out any future backlash, she is scouring Tumblr for well-lit pictures of Bon Iver, taken with extra-grainy Hipstamatic effect. She is thinking about buying cassettes again.

Spotter's Guide
Provenance: bedroom, coffee shop with wifi
Age: 29
Heroes: Psychedelic Horseshit, Evian Christ
Villains: popular music
Distinguishing marks: horn-rimmed spectacles (without the glass)
Most likely to: roll eyes

Earnest Pitchforker is one of ten music tribes illustrated for Q magazine. Text by Rebecca Nicholson. Art direction by Daniel Knight / Salman Naqvi.

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