Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Metalhead

When goth and metal had a threesome with pop and conceived an emo-shaped baby, this sensitive creature emerged blinking into the world, emaciated, dressed entirely in black and sweeping his asymmetrical haircut out of his eyes. In his first week of university, where he is studying sociology, he threw away his old puffa jacket and spent a terrifying amount of his student loan on a long leather coat. He is devoted to vegetarianism, even more vocally when he is talking to the pretty girl with multi-coloured dreads from the Vegan Soc he will definitely join soon. His faded, torn Iron Maiden T-shirt once belonged to his dad, who is secretly proud that his son is carrying the flag, though doesn't see why this has to involve eyeliner.

Spotter's Guide
Provenance: currently, the entrance to the local shopping centre, smoking. One day, hopefully, London’s Crobar rock pub.
Age: 19
Heroes: Jared Leto, Gerard Way
Villains: sport
Distinguishing marks: insta-regret tattoos, hair dye
Most likely to: mope about it

New Metalhead is one of ten music tribes illustrated for Q magazine. Text by Rebecca Nicholson. Art direction by Daniel Knight / Salman Naqvi.

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