Monday, March 19, 2012

Bro stepper

Squeezing his muscular moobs into a tight white top for his weekend shifts at his local sports centre, this dude has his way with the gym's soundsystem whenever his supervisor pops out for a fag. “It's the drop!” he shouts at the baffled treadmill army, waving his fingers out of time, secretly unsure what exactly the drop is (though he suspects it's the good bit when everything goes mental!). At the end of the day, he scrubs up and goes out to the club in the next town along with the lads, where he spends hours body-slamming to the beat. The head-hammering womps rattle his brain and make him stick out his tongue and salute the air with devil horns. It feels good to let loose and bump bare chests with his bros, all sweaty and rubbed in neon paint. Sometimes they cup each other's balls. You've got the wub.

Spotter's Guide
Provenance: gym, dancefloor
Age: 23
Heroes: Skrillex, Skream, Chase and Sk-atus
Villains: Dubstep purists
Distinguishing marks: happy grin, perforated eardrums
Most likely to: perspire on you

Bro Stepper is one of ten music tribes illustrated for Q magazine. Text by Rebecca Nicholson. Art direction by Daniel Knight / Salman Naqvi.

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