Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tug of justice: two visions of Europe

Commissioned by New Internationalist to illustrate the tension between social and neo-liberal futures for a European community.

It's a 'tug of justice' between the common people on one side and the nefarious corporate types, grey politicians and bureaucrats on the other.



"You have to understand the rules. Know where the boundaries are and how far you can go," says Stuart Aitken, Chief Information Officer for UK's Medical Research Council. As well as running information systems, Aitken has a passion for cricket umpiring. He officiates with the Middlesex County League, and has umpired in various countries, including Sri Lanka, Australia and Kenya. "Relax and concentrate. The moment you stop concentrating is the moment something happens that you miss." Commissioned by Paul Martin for the IET Review.