Saturday, May 14, 2011

Job Prospects: The Trans-Olympic Athlete

At Istanbul 2020, the Paralympic Games drew larger audiences than its Olympic equivalent, as developments in prosthetic limbs led to an astonishing series of records. By Mumbai 2028, performance-enhancing drugs were so common in everyday life (from the miracle ‘Jet-Lag’ drug to executive ‘creativity enhancers’) that the IOC legitimised them. By Dhaka 2040 developments in human cell production made Paralympics redundant – and a new games took shape with no bans on genomic alterations or nano-medical enhancements. As the Trans-Olympics graced Europe at Milton Keynes 2062, British hope Victoria Sayal (above) is close to the seven-second mark for the 100 metres.

One of four future professions commissioned by Andy Taylor for ES magazine. Text by Richard Godwin.



Anonymous Ian Jamieson said...

I love this Post - thought provoking. I'm in training for MK 2062.



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