Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Local legend: Pantman

Pantman is a thirty-year-old Cardiff man who went on a shop window breaking spree dressed only in a pair of underpants. A court heard that Andrew Roxberry caused a total of £75,000 worth of damage smashing shop windows in Queen Street, Cardiff with a workman's shovel. According to the prosecution, Mr Roxberry - who has a criminal record of 217 offences - started by throwing a bottle at the window of Phones 4 U, then picked up the shovel and went along the street smashing a total of 43 windows. The smash-happy lad was finally cornered by local bobbies, who were greeted by him raising his shovel in triumph and lying on the ground, awaiting his arrest. Source (including CCTV footage): BBC News. Commissioned by Loaded.



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